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  Daily News: November 25, 2014
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What's New on GLIN
NOAA Sea Grant awards $2.6 million for new aquaculture projects
This week, NOAA Sea Grant announced new grants totaling $2.6 million for projects to support the development of environmentally and economically sustainable ocean, coastal, or Great Lakes aquaculture. Sea Grant Programs will supplement the federal funding, bringing the total investment to about $4 million for new national projects in 2014.


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In the News
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers renews bid to dump sediment in Lake Erie
Northeast Ohio Media Group (11/25)
Months after the Ohio EPA blocked the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers from dumping dredged material from Cleveland Harbor in Lake Erie, the Corps has reinstated its request to place sediment in the open lake.

Wet basements in Buffalo as flooding fears ease
Associated Press (11/25)
Moderate flooding is possible along some creeks in the Buffalo area, but fears of disastrous conditions have eased.

COMMENTARY: Curse that dam no more — a healthier Sandusky River ahead
The Toledo Blade (11/25)
Removing the Sandusky River's Ballville Dam in 2019 will improve Lake Erie walleye spawning habitat.

COMMENTARY: Shortsighted vote: Senators overlook true risks in opposing Keystone XL pipeline
Watertown Daily Times (11/25)
Some wonder whether preventing the Keystone XL pipeline will lead to oil sands shipping on the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River.

Wetlands controversy: When is a ditch a stream?
Norwalk Reflector (11/24)
The so-called “Waters of the United States” rule would extend environmental protections to ditches, pitting the public's right to clean water against private property development rights.

Radioactive heavy water leak east of Toronto
Sun News (11/24)
A faulty valve leaked radioactive heavy water from a nuclear reactor Friday east of Toronto. The leak was contained and no one was exposed to any radioactive material.

MnDOT announces first statewide plan for ports, waterways
Northland News Center (11/24)
The first–ever statewide plan for ports and waterways in Minnesota will shape the future of the state's marine freight industry.

Great Lakes ice cover developing; Earliest in over 40 years
MLive (11/24)
Ice is already starting to develop on the Great Lakes.

Minnesota research aims at mountain pine beetles
Associated Press (11/24)
The mountain pine beetle has devastated huge swaths of forest in the Rockies, and scientists fear the insects could eventually threaten Great Lakes states.

Study predicts longer Lake Michigan basin growing season
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (11/24)
A new U.S. Geological Survey study on the effects of climate change says longer growing seasons in the Lake Michigan basin and earlier snowmelt are two likely outcomes of a warmer climate by the end of the century.

Words could be a wave of change
The Daily Press (11/24)
The Words for Water project aims to weave together the collective narrative of community members in the Lake Superior basin.

COMMENTARY: Block tar sands projects in Wisconsin
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (11/24)
While the national media spotlight has been on the Keystone XL pipeline, another large tar sands crude oil pipeline scheme has significant implications for Wisconsin.

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