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  Daily News: July 31, 2016
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What's New on GLIN
Webinar: Phragmites snorkeling: how does it survive water level fluctuations?
Presented by Dr. Brian Sorrell, this Great Lakes Phragmites Collaborative webinar will focus on the special adaptations that allow Phragmites survival in deep water, and how Phragmites responds to changes in water level. The webinar will be held on August 10; registration is required.


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In the News
Green Bay is "ground zero" for invasive reeds
Green Bay Press-Gazette (7/29)
In Wisconsin, nearly 800 acres of shoreline, public park land and private property in the area has been overrun by an invasive, giant grass reed known for destroying native ecosystems and fueling wildfires.

Algae, pollution found in Grand Lake St. Marys now plague area canal
The Columbus Dispatch (7/29)
Grand Lake St. Marys was once a top recreation destination in western Ohio. Those days are long gone. Now the empty water is brimming with pollution and toxic algae.

Once-hated fish now sought to combat Asian carp
Detroit Free Press (7/29)
It’s a toothy giant, a fearsome-looking prehistoric fish that plied U.S. waters until it disappeared from many states a half-century ago; but the once-reviled predator is now being seen as a potentially potent weapon against a more threatening intruder in Illinois.

State moves to bring marina back to life
Lake County News-Sun (7/29)
By taking bids on the management of North Point Marina, the largest on the Great Lakes, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources hopes it can upgrade the facility, which has deteriorated over the past several years to where it's less than half full.

Fish slides, anyone?
Great Lakes Echo (7/29)
Sturgeon go back to the river to spawn safely. But hydroelectric dams often block rivers, forcing fish to spawn in more dangerous spaces. The River Alliance of Wisconsin is giving those fish a little boost.

Watch 4 months under Lake Michigan pass by in just 3 minutes
MLive (7/29)
Ever wonder what goes on underneath the surface of Lake Michigan? If so, you're not alone. Scientists wonder, too.

Ohio EPA says Lake Erie is 'impaired'
The Sandusky Register (7/28)
The Ohio EPA has declared a section of Lake Erie to be "impaired," a label backed by environmentalists, but more action is still needed, a state environmental group says.

EPA touts ‘strides’ in reducing algae in drinking water
The Detroit News (7/28)
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says it has made “strides” in reducing the amount of toxic algae that ends up in the nation’s drinking water.

Draken’ will make it to Green Bay’s Tall Ships Festival
WBAY-TV - Green Bay, WI (7/28)
The largest Viking ship built in modern times will set sail for Green Bay, Wis., after all. Thanks to a fundraising effort, the Draken is able to come to the Tall Ships Festival on downtown Green Bay’s riverfront.

Piranha-like fish with teeth caught in Michigan lake
MLive (7/28)
A fish with human-like teeth was pulled from Lake St. Clair; it wasn't supposed to be there. Despite the Pacu being an omnivorous fish indigenous to fresh water sources throughout South America, Department of Natural Resources officials say catching them in Michigan lakes isn't that uncommon.

Fast sunrise over Lake Huron shows how it can happen in 15 seconds
MLive (7/28)
Sunrises and sunset over the Great Lakes can play tricks on the eyes. Here is an example of a 'fast sunrise' over Lake Huron. If you don't have time to watch a normal sunrise, you want to catch a fast sunrise like this one in July 2016.

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Updated: July 31, 2016
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