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  Daily News: October 10, 2015
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What's New on GLIN
9th Biennial State of Lake Michigan/15th Annual GLBA Conference
The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) invites you to the 9th Biennial State of Lake Michigan/15th Annual Great Lakes Beach Association Conference in Traverse City, Mich. Events take place Oct. 28-30, 2015, at the Grand Traverse Resort and Spa.


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Lawsuit wants feds to mandate oil spill response plans
The Associated Press (10/9)
A lawsuit filed by the National Wildlife Federation accuses the U.S. Department of Transportation of failing for 20 years to issue regulations on crafting the spill strategies and of allowing companies to operate without them.

Lake Erie’s 2015 algal bloom effects revealed
The Port Clinton News-Herald (10/8)
People gathered in Portage Township, Ohio, to speak about the devastating effects of this year’s algal bloom on their industries.

Montreal’s sewage dump saga explained in 5 key points
CBC News (10/8)
The City of Montreal, in Québec, plans to dump one-third of its sewage into the Saint Lawrence River from Oct. 18 to Oct. 25 2015. The plan has stirred up controversy among politicians and citizens.

Chautauqua County executive signs microbeads ban into law
The Buffalo News (10/8)
A law prohibiting the sale of personal-care products containing microbeads has been signed, and will become effective Feb. 15 in Chautauqua County, N.Y.

One final sail set for J.B. Ford
Duluth News Tribune (10/8)
The 111-year-old steamship J.B. ford will be taken across Superior Bay to its final resting place Azcon Metals in Duluth, Minn.

Explore Indiana shipwrecks online with Department of Natural Resources website
The Elkhart Truth (10/8)
The Indiana Department of Natural Resources launched a website which take users on virtual tours of Indiana’s shipwrecks. Each of the vessels featured on the site rests on the floor of Lake Michigan.

DEC: There’s enough salmon in Lake Ontario, the run is just late
The Syracuse Post-Standard (10/8)
The salmon run on the Salmon River, situated in Oswego County, N.Y., is late – a repeat from last year. Meanwhile, Lake Ontario charter boat captains are complaining this past August and September ranked among the worse in memory.

First deer hunt coming to Illinois Beach State Park
Daily Herald (10/8)
Bow-and-arrow deer hunting will be allowed for the first time, starting November 1st, at the popular Illinois Beach State Park.

EDITORIAL: EPA needs to do far better job of protecting the Great Lakes
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (10/8)
The EPA needs to meet the responsibility to protect our drinking water, jobs, and way of life and provide the protection that the Great Lakes — and the people who depend on those lakes — deserve.

Parasite attacking Minnesota fish
KARE-TV - Minneapolis, MN (10/7)
Researchers at the University of Minnesota say a parasite that dissolves muscle is attacking fish in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Ontario passes Great Lakes Protection Act
Parry Sound North Star (10/7)
The Ontario government has passed the Great Lakes Protection Act to keep the lakes clean, swimable and fishable. The act will strengthen the province's ability to keep the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River clean.

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Updated: October 10, 2015
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