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  Daily News: September 23, 2014
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What's New on GLIN
SepticSmart Week
Sept. 22-26 is SepticSmart Week! One-quarter of all U.S. homes have septic systems. If you’re not properly maintaining your septic system, you’re not only hurting the environment and groundwater resources, you’re putting your health at risk. Learn more at EPA's SepticSmart website!


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In the News
U.S. Senate resolution opposes Canadian nuke waste plan
Detroit Free Press (9/22)
U.S. Sen. Carl Levin has introduced a resolution urging the Obama administration to oppose a Canadian proposal to bury radioactive waste less than a mile from Lake Huron.

Coast Guard has long history and big presence in Blue Water area
Port Huron Times Herald (9/22)
The Coast Guard — and the agencies that became the Coast Guard — has been a presence in Port Huron for almost two centuries. The agency's presence here is older than the city and older than the state of Michigan.

Pollution-control measures in Milwaukee River basin two years behind
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (9/22)
The delay marks the latest in a series of missed deadlines for the project, which would represent the biggest water pollution initiative in the region since construction of the deep tunnel system.

North Michigan lighthouse turns 140 years old
Petoskey News Review (9/22)
The 87-foot Au Sable light tower near Grand Marais was completed in August 1874. The keepers' residences were built in 1909. The lighthouse was manned for 84 years before the Coast Guard automated it.

COMMENTARY: Risk and resilience in the Great Lakes Basin
Great Lakes Echo (9/22)
Unlike Gulf of Mexico communities and those along the Atlantic coast, communities on the shores of the Great Lakes are unlikely to be devastated by hurricanes or massive oil spills. However, there are certainly risks here in the basin. There is also plenty of evidence of resilience.

Court asked to stop construction of huge Ontario wind farm
The Globe and Mail (9/21)
The first court phase of a legal fight aimed at scuttling what would be one of Ontario’s largest wind-energy developments kicks off Monday with a farm family trying to force an immediate stop to its construction.

Longest ship on Great Lakes freed after running aground off Duluth
Minneapolis Star Tribune (9/21)
The Tregurtha was departing with a full load of coal when it failed to negotiate the turn toward the Aerial Lift Bridge.

COMMENTARY: New UWM school foments 'revolution' in freshwater technologies
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (9/20)
the school represents the continued development of Milwaukee's water cluster. It also symbolizes the potential for economic growth, jobs and revitalization that can flow from partnerships that apply high-end research to solving real-world problems.

COMMENTARY: Toxic waste dumped into Niagara River a threat to Lake Ontario
Toronto Star (9/20)
Remember the Love Canal? Just up the road from that notorious toxic neighbourhood in New York state, there’s a new plan to dump more poisonous waste, including radioactive material, right near Lake Ontario and on an earthquake fault line.

Shipyard plans cleanup of Howard’s Pocket
Superior Telegram (9/19)
With the help of federal funding from the Environmental Protection Agency, Fraser Shipyards is working with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to develop a plan clean up a legacy of contamination.

Microplastic pollution widespread in St. Lawrence River
Summit County Citizens Voice (9/19)
Canadian scientists say they’ve found 2-millimeter plastic microbeads widely distributed along the bottom of the St. Lawrence River.

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