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What's New
First water diversion beyond Great Lakes Basin gets nod
The Manitoulin Expositor (6/29)
Said Anishinabek Nation Grand Council Chief Pat Madahbee, ďFirst Nations on the Canadian side have not been consulted as per the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People to which both Canada and the United States are signatory."

Waukesha water decision puts regional spotlight on Wisconsin's environmental enforcement
Wisconsin Public Radio (6/28)
Waukesha scored a victory with the historic agreement to let the Milwaukee suburb draw drinking water from Lake Michigan. But following a years-long negotiation, both the state of Wisconsin and the city had to make some concessions.

Great Lakes water ruling sparks fear of thirsty cities
CBC News (6/27)
The recent decision by eight U.S. governors to grant a small Wisconsin town access to the Great Lakes water basin has sparked concern about the precedent this may set for other thirsty towns and cities.

Should tourism support environmental protection?
Great Lakes Echo (6/27)
Itís too early to know if national and international attention on the municipal water crisis in Flint, Mich., may tarnish the Great Lakes regionís image of pure water. But there is a tie between the perceived quality of water and its value, experts say.

Wisconsin city allowed unprecedented access to Lake Michigan for drinking water
Chicago Tribune (6/22)
Governors from the eight Great Lakes states agreed Tuesday to allow a Wisconsin city to start pumping millions of gallons a day from Lake Michigan, marking the largest diversion of water from the lakes since Chicago reversed the flow of the Chicago River in 1900.

EDITORIAL: Waukesha agreement will protect Great Lakes
The Detroit News (6/22)
Waukesha, Wis., is currently withdrawing 1.6 million gallons of Great Lakes water daily and diverting it into the Mississippi River Basin. Under the new arrangement, the water will come directly from Lake Michigan and 100 percent will now be treated and restored to the lake.

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General Resources
A Primer on Fresh Water
Environment Canada
Designed for educators, communities and organizations in a position to develop learning resources to enable Canadians to better understand their environment.

An Advocate's Field Guide to Protecting Lake Michigan
Alliance for the Great Lakes
After two years of research by organizations around Lake Michigan, this guidebook identifies basinwide threats; it is organized into three chapters: habitat restoration, toxic elimination and land and water conservation.

Drought Fact Sheets
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)
Water saving tips for different industries.

Michigan Water Use Reporting Program
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
Michigan and the other states and provinces in the Great Lakes Region have enacted laws that require major water users to report water withdrawals made within the Great Lakes Basin. This information provides an environmental baseline for managing water resources in a more integrated manner and strengthens the legal basis for opposing unwarranted diversions of Great Lakes water to other regions of the country.

Properties of Water
Environment Canada's Freshwater Web

The Great Lakes Charter: Principles for the Management of Great Lakes Water Resources
Council of Great Lakes Governors

Water Use in Canada
Environment Canada's Freshwater Web

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Water databases and tools in Canada
Environment Canada's Freshwater Web

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The Management of Water in Canada
Environment Canada's Freshwater Web
Includes information about bulk water removal and export, floods, water conservation, modeling and more.

Water Supply Management Options for Northeastern Illinois
University of Illinois at Chicago
A report offering critical information about the Chicago metro region's water supply resources, the legal and institutional framework for Great Lakes diversion, and unique primary research materials, such as the Great Lakes Mediation Memorandum of Understanding between Illinois and the other Great Lakes states.

Water Sustainability
Canadian Environmental Law Association
CELA conducts extensive work on issues of water quality and quantity in the Great Lakes and beyond. View their collections of detailed and summary materials on diverse issues of water quality, quantity, management and protection.

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